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“Your Life: Why It Is the Way It Is and What You Can Do About It”  by Bruce McArthur is a life-changing book about understanding universal laws that govern our lives. It has been a constant on my bedside table. I first read it years ago and I continue to use it as a reference and have recommended it to many of my clients, family, and friends.

What It’s About

There are metaphysical universal laws that govern our lives, relationships, and fulfillment. “Your Life”  goes way beyond “Like Attracts Like”, exploring laws related to receiving guidance and using the laws to create our destiny. The author proposes we learn about universal laws and apply them to assist us in our journey.  He states, “…they are not only guideposts, but together they form an overall picture-a complete path for your transformation”.

Using The Laws As A Vehicle For Growth

Two topics or “laws” I refer to frequently are the laws of guidance and the laws regarding finding your life’s purpose. This book makes attaining guidance and direction seem less abstract, but more concrete with seemingly step by step instructions toward our transformation. We are invited to awaken and realize our highest purpose. Click here to buy this book now.

*A note about the A.R.E. and Edgar Cayce…

The author references the readings of Edgar Cayce, as well as the Bible. According to the Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.) website, Edgar Caye has been called “the father of holistic medicine”. If you are interested in learning more about Edgar Cayce’s fascinating life, “The Story of Edgar Caye: There Was A River” by Thomas Sugrue is an excellent biography that introduces the man who helped so many people as a medical intuitive and then later made contributions by asking bigger questions such as, “what are the secrets of the universe?” and “what is one’s purpose in life?”.


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  • Shari Garton

    Hi Claire, can this book be purchased in an e-book format?

    • Claire Murphy

      Yes, it can be purchased on Amazon in an e-book format for Kindle.

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