How Does Remote Energy Work…”Work”?

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I often get asked if it is possible to have an energy work session over the phone. Yes, I have had many successful remote sessions.  Once the energy connection is made, the space between us is non-existent. I am right there, in it and totally connected to and in tune with my client’s energy. Below is a list of the questions I get asked most frequently about remote energy work:

What is a Remote Energy Work session?
Remote energy work is energy work done without the client in the physical presence of the Energy Practitioner.

How does it work?
The Energy Practitioner creates a connection, or “bridge”, to the client in order to tune into both the physical and energy bodies. The Energy Practitioner can assess, move, and balance the person’s energy.

Is it effective?
Yes, remote work is just as effective as in-person work. Clients report “feeling better” and can notice both subtle and obvious changes.

What is your experience with sending energy long distance?
There is both technique and intuition involved. I first learned how to send energy long distance in my Reiki Training. I got started doing remote work because my clients would often reach out to me to send them energy and reported feeling better afterwards. I also do remote work on animals.

What does it work for?
I have done remote sessions for pain, stress, relationship issues, insomnia, and just “feeling out of sorts”.

What do I need to do to be the recipient of remote work?
Simply be receptive and open to the work. 

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