How To Leave Your Work…At Work

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iStock-468780196It is not unusual to be dragging by the end of any given day. Most of us have exhausted our available energy and left it with our spouses, children, co-workers, clients, and friends. What is left might even go into decisions, planning or simply spent thinking or worrying. I was reminded the other day of one of my favorite energy replenishing techniques when a friend of mine was telling me how drained she was feeling.

Unknowingly, we go about our days and leave a little bit of ourselves with each interaction or person we come into contact with. Not surprisingly, we have little energy left by the end of the day. I encouraged my friend to try this energy technique and hope you will too next time you are feeling like you need an energetic boost:

Relax Your Body & Quiet Your Mind

This does not have to be in a formal yogi posture or meditative state. It only requires that you take a few breaths and transition your attention and focus from your outer life to your inner state.  This can be done in a few breaths. Simply release any tension or holding on in your physical body, then clear your mind by letting all your concerns go.

Envision Your Scattered Energy

Now notice where you might have left part of you throughout the day. What people or situations might it still be with? I visualize this as lines of energy originating from me and going out to all the people that have I left it with during my day.

Draw Your Energy Back To You

Simply intend or pray that all your energy be returned to you in a loving way for the person that you are retracting it from. You don’t want your energy lines to other people to stay open, allowing them to  siphon energy from you all day long. Most often this is unconscious and unintentional on the part of the person doing the siphoning and so it will easily come back to you.

Complete the Process

Continue to breath, intend, and visualize your energy coming back to you and see yourself filling back up with your own energy. I see this as light or as a tank of liquid light energy being replenished or filled up. Use whatever imagery that comes to you. After a few minutes you will feel a sense of completion and will feel lighter and more energized.

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  • Shari

    I like the strategy of recalling the energy and parts of you that were left behind throughout the day. As a teacher, I scatter my energy amongst 21 students every day. I am going to try this. Thanks, Claire!

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