Letting it Go…How to Release Tension & Negativity

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On my last post I wrote about the art of mindfulness and how it can be good for your health. Today I want to elaborate on something I touched on in the article; how to release tension, stress, and accumulated negativity from our bodies so that it doesn’t continue to affect us.


Let it Go!

Have you ever heard the saying, “the issues are in the tissues”? It is true that people can “hold on” to the stress of their day in their bodies, which manifest as tension and even a change in our biochemistry. This can affect how well we digest our food, how efficiently we can fight off an illness, and how much oxygen we are supplying our cells with. We need to learn to release stress and tension in our bodies to have a more relaxed body and calmer mind.


But my life is too crazy and I don’t have time to meditate…

I know that “being present” are two words that people say a lot, but for me those two words may very well be the secret to a joyful, productive, and more peaceful life. Believe me I understand how challenging this can be. My life can be hectic and I sometimes am overwhelmed while trying to balance my own sanity with the needs and wants of two young children and a hardworking husband. But when I started paying attention to how much tension I was holding in my own body I was shocked. Particularly in my upper back, neck, and shoulders. I literally had “a pain in my neck”. By learning to let that tension go on a daily basis, sometimes multiple times a day, I have less tension and therefore less pain. I also feel much more relaxed and less stressed out.


Try this…

One of my favorite ways to release tension is to do a visualization exercise. I do this particular exercise every night just before falling asleep or after a stressful interaction:

First I imagine all the tension and negativity that I have accumulated throughout my day as grey or black smoke. Taking deep breaths I imagine with each inhale I am inhaling white smoke that heals and clears my body. With each exhale I am releasing the black smoke in every direction away from my body. I continue this until I feel clear (if you are pretty in tune with your body you will start feeling relaxed and a little bit lighter energetically).

There are many variations to this and you can use your imagination to come up with your own. Guided meditations are also a great modality to use. Happy meditating!

“this moment will just be another story someday”

-Stephen Chbosky from “The Perks of Being a Wallflower”




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