Energy Work Session………..$75

Energy work balances the subtle energies in the body. There are many forms of energy work, I work with a combination of Reiki, emotional release work, and imagery to help my clients tap into the invisible part of themselves that has an affect on their experience in a negative way.  My sessions have evolved into being able to tune into what is going on in the energetic body and engaging in a conversation with the body to gather more information about the root cause of the area of concern. In my experience, greater transformation is possible when the healing experience is directed to the root cause of the condition, versus to more surface symptoms. Surface symptoms are simply messages the body gives us to let us know when something is off.  The goal is to identify and move energetic blocks that have formed from mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual misalignment. This gentle work not only effects the physical body, but has a gentle ripple effect that can guide the recipient to live more in alignment with the highest version of themselves.

*Click here FAQ about remote energy work and appointments via FaceTime or phone


Past Life Regression & Integrated Imagery Hypnosis………..$120

The hypnotic state is a natural state that allows us to access higher levels of consciousness, experiences, and messages from our soul state. The goal is to identify and de-energize negative patterns that hold you back or continue to affect your life, despite conscious efforts. Bypassing the conscious mind and entering into conversation with the subconscious mind can be informative, transfortative,and liberating.

Note: You do not need to believe in reincarnation or past lives in order to receive healing benefit from a past life regression experience. It is only necessary to perceive the imagery as healing messages from the subconscious mind and be open to integrating those messages into one’s conscious experience


Space Clearing………..$100 (varies depending on on distance traveled/size of space)

There is a constant flow between our environment and our bodies, including energy left by those we allow into our environment.  Space clearing releases stagnant or negative energy that might be affecting us and our family’s health. If you or your family are frequently ill or you’ve noticed a difference in the “mood” or energy of the family or your house then space clearing is an excellent resource. After a space clearing appointment the energy in your home will feel “lighter” and “more peaceful”.



Reiki Attunements, Training, & Certifications

I love teaching others about energy and how to work with it to heal themselves and others on the mental, emotional, and physical levels. I am an affiliate member for the International Center for Reiki Training and conduct Reiki training for Usui/Holy Fire II Reiki Levels 1, 2, Advanced Reiki (ART/Master Level), as well as the Master Teacher Level.


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