Staying Calm Amidst A Storm…3 Ways to Bring More Peace Into Your Life

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It is easier to achieve a peaceful state in solitude on a mountaintop. But what about achieving a more peaceful life down here in the trenches? As I am in a transitional period, it’s a good reminder for me to review three Zen-like attitudes that we can consider today:

  1. Allowing & Nonresistance…This is an inner attitude or way of being. We have mastered allowing and nonresistance when we can be in transition, turmoil, or chaos and allowing it to be. It just is. This is what many people call “going with the flow”. Responding instead of reacting to whatever the present moment is bringing to us. This takes practice (and deep breathing) to lean in and learn to go with the flow!
  2. Detachment…this can be a tough one. We have mastered detachment when we can allow drama or an event to unfold in our presence without taking it on as our drama. We can be a compassionate observer without needing to become a participant.
  3. Non-Judgment…we have mastered non-judgement when we allow whatever is happening in our lives to simply “be” without assigning it a “good” or “bad” judgement. My most frequent response to many things is, “that is interesting”. By commenting that something is interesting, it passes no judgement, but acknowledges the situation (a good response to gossip!).

Our reality is dependent on how we view what is happening. Our perspective is everything!

Want a good read on the subject? Here are my favorite books on this subject. I especially resonated with Eckhart Tolle’s “A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose” (and so did Oprah!).






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